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Letters To The Editor

Learn More About Qui Tam On The Web

To the Editor: Your article in the 14 July 1997 issue concerning “qui tam” proceedings was very informative. “Qui tam” literally translated from the Latin means “who as well.” It refers to the concept that “he who sues on behalf ...

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Reader Notes Error In Lobbying Article

While reading “Lobbying Effort of Missouri Bar Is Subject Of Controversy” in the June 9 issue of Missouri Lawyers Weekly, I noted that you listed Mario Mandina as the founder of the National Bar Association. This is incorrect, the National ...

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Kudos To Kansas City Area Lawyers

To the Editor: Kansas City area attorneys devote hundreds of hours each year in free legal work to represent children and their parents who come before the Family Court in abuse, neglect and delinquency cases. Last year, of approximately 3,000 ...

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Failure To Notify Insurance Company

To the Editor: The case of Farm Bureau Town & Country Insurance of Missouri v. Rogers, MLW No. 19864, reported in the June 2 issue of Missouri Lawyers Weekly, has now been transferred to the Supreme Court. The Southern District ...

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Letters to the Editor

Weiss Letter About Senate Bill 51 Misleads ‘Bar, Bench And Public’ To the Editor: The May 5 issue of Missouri Lawyers Weekly contained a letter to the editor from Missouri Bar president Charles A. Weiss, which misleads the bar, the ...

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Letters to the Editor (151362)

State’s Reputation For Runaway Jury Verdicts Is Greatly Exaggerated To the Editor: In a recent guest column in The Wall Street Journal, an attorney from Kansas City calls Missouri the “Sue Me State,” and makes a number of allegations about ...

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