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Deathtrap: Dead Dentist Meets Duty Not To Compete

Contracts Deathtrap: Dead Dentist Meets Duty Not To Compete Here’s the case of the dead dentist whose estate collected $200,000 for the deceased’s “performance” of his non-compete agreement. Two dentists, Young Dentist and Old Dentist, entered two agreements. Under the ...

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Practical Tips On Using LLCs

Limited liability companies are coming to Missouri in 10 days. Until 1989, only two states recognized LLCs, but now they are approved in 37 states, and proponents say LLCs will be the entity of choice for most small businesses within ...

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Supreme Court Transfers

Supreme Court Denies 48 Of 51 Transfer Requests The Missouri Supreme Court denied 48 of the 51 requests for transfer on which it ruled October 26. The court granted transfer on three of 32 applications in civil cases, and it ...

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