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Sexual Abuse Claim Not Revived By Law

Where a victim’s claim of childhood sexual abuse was time-barred before new legislation extended the statute of limitations, the claim was not revived by the legislative action, the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled. The section of the new law which ...

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Practice Tip

Legal Malpractice Failure To Put On Affirmative Defense Evidence Costly To Lawyer If you’ve got a defense, put it on. Don’t hold off waiting for what you believe is a better opportunity; you may lose control of the case and ...

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Trail Reports

Denial Of Building Permits – “Accessory Use” – “Nonconforming Use” Type of Action: Petition for review of Board of Adjustment decision Court/Case #/Date: Boone County Circuit Court/92CC-049248/Aug.23, 1993 Caption: Medusa Aggregates v. City of Columbia v. Parkade Neighborhood Associates Judge ...

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Child Support Cut When Wife Forces Dad From Job

Where a wife’s salary from her family’s business nearly doubled right after her divorce, and her husband’s income plummeted after wife’s actions made his continued employment by the same company “untenable,” the husband’s child support could be reduced within eight ...

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