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Commentary: Sentencing for child pornography in federal court

In imposing sentence in federal court, a judge must consider four factors: to reflect the seriousness of the offense, promote respect for the law and provide just punishment for the offense; deterrence; to protect the public from further crimes by the defendant; and to provide the defendant with needed education or training or other correctional treatment.

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Farm bill passes House with cuts

A tractor pulls a cart of feed through a barn at Hunter Haven Dairy Farm in Pearl City, Illinois, on Tuesday. The U.S. House passed and sent to the Senate a much-delayed bill to set agricultural policy for the next five years, as a coalition of rural Republicans and urban Democrats overcame objections about farm subsidies and food-stamp cuts. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

The plan, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cut spending by $16.6 billion over 10 years from current levels, reflects the clout of rural and urban allies who kept farm subsidies and nutrition programs together over Republican objections.

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