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Jennifer R. Piper, 34

Firm: Kruse, Reinker, & Hamilton

Jennifer R. Piper

Jennifer R. Piper

Location: St. Louis

Law School: Saint Louis University

Hometown: St. Louis. Grew up in South St. Louis until I was 12, then moved to West County.

Achievements include: Piper has argued before the appellate court successfully and, most notably, in the case of Brown vs. Shannahan, which created new law relating to relocation and paternity judgment.

All-time favorite Supreme Court justice?

Justice O’Connor: She opened the doors for women that were never available before. When different things were expected of her she is always willing to do what she believes is right.

Favorite Web site and why?  (Aside from Nordstroms) would have to be Google. You can find anything there: people, places, things, information, directions, music, legal research, other research, assets. It’s really great. I probably say “just google it” several times a week.

The best part of being an attorney?  The best part of being an attorney would have to be helping people. Especially children. I do a lot of Guardian Ad Litem work in juvenile court and domestic court.