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‘Skippy and Skivvies’ a success

Jessie Rosell, Tama Aga, Matthew Geary, Katie Zogelman and Amy Luck, of the Lawyers Association of Kansas City, stand with Demi Willis and Jamareion Pollard-Whitney at Operation Breakthrough’s headquarters in Kansas City. Last Thursday, volunteers lawyers unloaded donated goods for the association’s annual ‘Skippy and Skivvies’ drive, which collects, among other things, peanut butter (for its long shelf life as an emergency food source) and disposable diapers (a major expense of low-income families.) As of Friday, the group had collected 19,167 ounces of peanut butter, 7,074 diapers, 781 pairs of underwear, 742 pairs of socks, 31 undershirts, 326 packages of wipes and $5,239 in donations. More than 30 law firms participated.