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Two tips to deal with procrastination

The “start anywhere” approach.

Don’t worry about finding the best place to start, just start anywhere. If you’re a perfectionist, try starting with an obvious mistake (to edit out later), just so you’re not frozen by the idea that your first draft has to be perfect. It’s far easier to get something down on paper and then revise it than to try to get everything exactly right the first time.

The “drive yourself crazy by doing nothing” approach.

Assemble all the materials for your project, arrange them in front of you on your desk and do nothing for seven minutes (by the clock). Don’t even write down any of the ideas that are sure to come to you. By the end of the seven minutes, you’ll be itching to start. Seven minutes is to make sure that you sit there for seven actual minutes. “Five minutes” or “10 minutes” tend to become concepts rather than actual time periods.

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