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Nonprofit Leader

Staff Report//September 9, 2013//

Nonprofit Leader

Staff Report//September 9, 2013//

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Kate Nolen Proffitt, 31Director of legal services, Jackson County CASA, Kansas City
Kate Nolen Proffitt, 31
Director of legal services, Jackson County CASA, Kansas City

PRACTICE AREAS: Juvenile and family law

LAW SCHOOL: University of Missouri

Kate Nolen Proffitt oversees a team that expects to serve more than 1,000 abused and neglected children this year. She also carries a personal caseload of more than 250 children, and she manages volunteer attorneys, too. “Kate has a passionate heart for this nonprofit work, and she has foregone much more lucrative opportunities in corporate law to dedicate her time and energy to protecting abused children,” says Martha Gershun, CASA’s executive director. Because of Proffitt’s strong advocacy and generous spirit, Gershun says, hundreds of abused and neglected children have been placed in safe, permanent homes.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? I love to travel, and for me it never gets old. No matter the location, glamorous or not, it’s always fun to explore the local culture. With the right attitude, a small town off the beaten path can provide as much adventure as an exotic foreign city.

IF YOU HADN’T BECOME A LAWYER, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? In undergrad, I was on track to become a clinical psychologist until I took a course in child advocacy, sparking an interest in law school.

ONE THING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU? I have an unfulfilled dream of skydiving.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR YOUNG LAWYERS? Identify good mentors. I’m fortunate to have several that I can go to for guidance. Sometimes these relationships happen naturally, but when they don’t, take an attorney you know and respect to coffee and ask her to mentor you. She won’t think it’s strange, and she’ll likely be flattered.

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