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Welcome to the new MOLawyersMedia

If you are a subscriber to the St. Louis Daily Record, Kansas City Daily Record, The St. Louis Countian, Jefferson Countian or St. Charles Business Record your new site is MLMCounties.com

If you are a subscriber to Missouri Lawyers Weekly, you are at the right place! MoLawyersMedia.com is your site.



Letter from the publisher regarding site changes:

For the past several years, molawyersmedia.com has served two distinct audiences: those who turn to us for enterprising statewide legal affairs coverage (Missouri Lawyers Weekly subscribers) and those who rely on us for county-specific news, information and public notices (subscribers to our six county newspapers in the greater St. Louis and Kansas City areas).

Covering both communities under the same URL umbrella offers some benefits of convenience, but it can also create a daunting user experience. Think of a mall at Christmas. Or the warehouse scene at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” What you’re after can get mixed in with a lot of other goods and treasures.

On a more practical level, because different subscribers subscribe to different sets of content, with different levels of access, it’s not unusual for an MLM user to hit up against more than a few pay walls during a single visit.

That’s about to change. Missouri Lawyers Weekly subscribers will have full run of a better organized, more navigable molawyersmedia.com site. You should be able to find what you want, see what interests you, with fewer clicks and fewer collisions with the subscriber pay wall.

Subscribers to MLM’s county newspapers (St. Louis Daily Record, The St. Louis Countian, The Jefferson Countian, St. Charles County Business Record, The Daily Record Kansas City and The Daily Record Independence) are getting their own dedicated site, named, logically enough, MLMcounties.com. Here again, it’s more tailored and more easily traversed for that audience. Unlike the present, you won’t bump up against locked-down Missouri Lawyers Weekly content to which you didn’t subscribe in the first place.

Once you get there, as now, your search results will return notices for your subscription’s particular county. For those who want full access to all notices in all MLM counties, we’ve created a simple All-Access subscription package. (For more information, call 1-800-451-9998 or email subscriptions@thedolancompany.com.)

Three websites debut
Actually, it’s not two websites we’re debuting this week. It’s three. This rollout includes a brand new MLM public notice website, prominently featured on MLMcounties.com. The biggest new feature is a map that pinpoints specific notices, especially foreclosures, by their locations. Our exclusive database allows intelligent searching, sorting and downloading of notices by key fields, such as zip code or category. It’s an industry-leading design, with industry-leading functionality, as befits Missouri’s largest public notice publisher.

Designed for mobile devices
Now, here’s the big news. In fact, our tech team will tell you I’ve buried the lead. We’ve designed each of these sites —molawyersmedia.com, MLMcounties.com and the counties’ companion public notice site —for mobile. Each avails itself of responsive design. That means that the content elements (headlines, text, graphics) reshape and reconfigure themselves to accommodate the size of your screen, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone. Type stays readable. Headlines take a second line if they need it. Photos resize themselves. Eyes smile. Thumbs rejoice.

While we’re making all these technological improvements, we have a favor to ask. We’d like you to make a simple update yourself. If you browse the Web with Internet Explorer Version 8 or older, please do a free upgrade. The marvels of responsive design don’t show up on Microsoft’s earlier generation browser.

We have a second favor to ask. Any site launch comes with whole swarms of bugs, glitches and twitches. Don’t believe me, ask the federal government. For our part, we’re launching three sites at once. We hope you’ll bear with us during the transition. More than that, we hope you’ll bring any problems to our attention. If you have trouble logging in, please call 800-451-9998 for assistance.

Please also send us your suggestions for improving your user experience, including the one where the ink still smudges your fingers.



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