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Michael L. Miller | Law Firm Leader

Scott Lauck//October 6, 2014//

Michael L. Miller | Law Firm Leader

Scott Lauck//October 6, 2014//

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Michael L. Miller, 35, managing member, Lowther Johnson Attorneys at Law, Springfield

Practice areas: Real estate, banking, commercial, civil litigation

Law school: University of Missouri 

Michael Miller has enjoyed the kind of career trajectory others dream about. In law school, he clerked for Lowther Johnson, a prominent 16-attorney firm in Springfield. In 2004, right out of law school, he joined the firm as an associate. Six years later, he made partner. Two years after that, at 33, he was elected as the firm’s managing member.

It’s not always an easy job. He has to meet the needs of the firm’s personnel, particularly its attorneys, while keeping relationships with clients as smooth as possible.

Miller is a member of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association and led the bar’s Young Lawyer Section for two years, where he organized everything from baseball outings to much-needed training in jury trial techniques for budding lawyers. He also volunteers with the Children’s Miracle Network Campaign Committee.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My greatest accomplishment to date was the other members of my firm showing tremendous confidence and trust in me by electing me as managing member of Lowther Johnson Attorneys at Law, LLC at the age of 33.

Who is your legal hero?

While a fictitious character, Ed Stevens from the television show “Ed” is my legal hero. A small-town attorney who only cared about his family, his clients and his community, Ed understood his priorities.

What’s been your favorite moment as an attorney so far?

Obtaining a judgment in the first case I took as an attorney. My clients had been defrauded as part of the purchase of a business, and I tried the case against a much more experienced attorney. The favorable judgment and subsequent recovery allowed my clients to stay in business.

What simple piece of advice do you have for young lawyers?

Think like a partner. A good partner should think about what is best for the firm, and a young lawyer will make himself or herself stand out by demonstrating that the firm comes first.

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