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Amanda M. Dumey

Managing Attorney, Legal Services of Southern Missouri

WEBWJA_MKD_9763-Edit_Amanda_DumeyAmanda M. Dumey started her career in private practice, but knew she wanted to work in the field of public interest. She’s never regretted making the switch to a job that allows her to work closely with drug court graduates and on domestic violence cases.

What are your proudest career accomplishments?

During my first two years with LSSM, I was a staff attorney in the Juvenile Division representing parents in juvenile abuse and neglect cases. A lot of the time if felt like fighting a losing battle — especially with those clients who had serious drug and alcohol addictions. One of my proudest accomplishments came when, at a Drug Court graduation, three of the five graduates were my clients. At times when the case wasn’t going well, I stuck my neck out for them and encouraged them to keep going. And they made it! At graduation, each of the clients thanked me for standing up for them, and credited me with being a big part of their success. I was so proud of each of them for getting their families back together, and proud of myself for not giving up or letting my clients give up. Another accomplishment that I am very proud of is being promoted from a staff attorney to the managing attorney of the Domestic Violence Unit. I have only been with LSSM for a short time, but I have been able to show that I have the leadership and passion for the work required to undertake a management role.

What is something that would surprise people about you?

In high school I was in a very short-lived girl band with my cousin and some of our high school friends. We were called “Pants R Implied.” My cousin came up with the name after seeing one of those “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” signs… so “pants are implied.”

What is the best advice you have ever been given or received?

My favorite advice is from my mom, who likes to say: “What are they going to do…take away your birthday?” It’s her way of saying “the worst thing they can say is no.” It’s a good reminder that it’s okay to take chances and get rejected sometimes, which can be hard for the perfectionist/Type A side of my personality.

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