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Michael Campbell


Campbell, MikePractice areas: Personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal defense

Law School: University of Missouri-Columbia


There’s one thing that drives Mike Campbell and he can say it in just five words: Fighting for the little guy.

“People come into my office and are either facing very serious criminal charges or are dealing with very serious injuries,” Campbell said. “While there are very good and professional people on the other side of the case, they oftentimes possess limitless resources and manpower to oppose my client. Fighting and advocating for an individual (or individuals) is the most important thing I can do as a trial lawyer.”

Others confirm that Campbell is not one to give up just because the odds are tough.

“He has taken cases others would never take and turned them not only into winners, but more importantly, happy clients,” said his nominator.

Beginning in 2011, Campbell has had stints practicing law at Grimes, Fay and Kopp and with the Law Office of Matt Uhrig. Last year, he hung out his own shingle. He also retains strong ties to the community. He currently serves as development chair for the Missouri Symphony Society and is a former member of the executive board of Phoenix Health Programs, a Columbia non-profit that fights drug and alcohol abuse.


What has been your favorite moment as an attorney?

Two years ago, I became fairly close with a client who entrusted me to try his personal injury case to a jury. He reminded me of nearly every farmer I met growing up. He was just a good and humble guy who was injured through no fault of his own. A very smart attorney once said that the closer we become with our clients, the scarier a trial becomes because we’re invested not just financially, but also emotionally. I remember feeling absolutely sick when the jury was deliberating because I was worried I had let this client down, but was extremely honored to stand next to him when the jury returned a very favorable verdict in his favor.


What advice do you have for young lawyers?

Find mentors. Don’t just find one mentor, find several. Join organizations like MATA and/or get involved with your local bar association. Get to know the members and join the email listservs.