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Amy Fehr


Fehr, AmyPractice area: Commercial litigation

Law School: Saint Louis University


Her colleagues at Capes Sokol say Amy Fehr always goes the extra mile to set an example that diligently protects the best interests of her clients. She initiated and now co-chairs the firm’s mentoring initiative and she has played integral roles in leading its law school recruitment committee and co-chairing its summer associate program.

While she has become notable for her success in resolving situations without the expense of protracted litigation, she has also developed a reputation as someone who displays ability within the courtroom as well. In 2012, Fehr secured a $900,000 award in arguing Mendenhall v. Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford in front of the Missouri Supreme Court.

But Fehr’s ability to set a good example for younger attorneys doesn’t stop at the courthouse door. She is active in both World Pediatric Project, which helps bring healthcare to children, and Girls, Inc., which allows her to inspire young women to achieve their dreams.

What is your most important work at your organization?

My most important work is taking care of my clients, this includes favorably resolving their most complex legal issues, effectively communicating the risks and rewards in the decisions they make, and managing their expectations throughout the litigation process.

What advice do you have for young lawyers?

Don’t stop at submitting a great piece of work product. Your assignments are typically just one part of a larger picture. You can really add value for your clients by proactively anticipating next steps and propelling your matters forward.

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