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Jamie Rehmann


Rehmann, JamiePractice areas: Commercial litigation; white collar criminal defense and internal investigations

Law School: Washington University


Sometimes adopting a pro bono cause can feel as daunting as climbing up Mt. Kilimanjaro. But for Jamie Rehmann, that’s not so bad.

After all, he and his wife have actually scaled the real thing during a visit to Tanzania three years ago. Recently, Rehmann has been working on another challenge, a defense of St. Louis’s minimum wage law before the Missouri Supreme Court, a matter to which Rehmann has given more than 350 pro bono hours.

“As we prepared for trial I met with a number of minimum wage workers for whom this ordinance literally meant the difference between having electricity, buying school clothes for their kids, or, in the saddest case I encountered, being able to maintain custody over young children due to the inability to afford proper housing on a minimum wage,” said Rehmann. “It was incredibly humbling and gratifying representing these individuals for whom this law meant so much, and knowing that my efforts could make the difference.”

Rehmann, who was just elected a partner at Dowd Bennett in January, has had other experiences with the world of pro bono work. He has previously taken up the criminal case of a fraud defendant in Missouri and a death penalty matter in Alabama. During a stint practicing in Washington D.C., he was involved in pro bono matters that eventually went before the U.S. Supreme Court.

What inspired you to get involved in the legal profession?

I have always wanted to help people that did not have the means to help themselves. Initially I was attracted to law enforcement for this reason but when I was exposed to the practice of law I soon learned that lawyers have the ability to help a far broader range of people and organizations.