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Martin Kerckhoff


kerckhoff-martinMartin Kerckhoff’s career path has taken him around the world and back again to St. Louis.

Kerckhoff worked on projects throughout the world before returning to his hometown and joining Monsanto as in-house counsel.

“I highly recommend an in-house path,” Kerckhoff said. “It really enables teamwork and teambuilding skills and allows you to get close to the business and help shape business decisions.”

Kerckhoff attended Tulane University in New Orleans before returning for a law degree at Saint Louis University. It was at SLU that he developed an interest in international law and participated in study abroad programs, including clerking for a Spanish law firm. After obtaining a Master of Laws degree at McGeorge University, he decided he wanted to return to St. Louis and work for a company or firm that would allow for international practice.

Southwestern Bell hired Kerckhoff to join what was then its new international mergers and acquisitions group, and he worked on projects in Chile, France and other countries before being assigned to a six-month stint in South Africa. He was assigned to ensure that a project to privatize telecommunications in South Africa went smoothly. He stayed for five years and met his wife Caroline there before returning to St. Louis.

After returning to the U.S., Kerckhoff worked for Cequel III and American Water before he was offered a position at Monsanto two years ago. His duties include serving as the law lead for the company’s Canadian unit and the lawn and garden division, which includes the Roundup brand.

“Monsanto without a doubt is the most innovative and interesting place that I’ve had the opportunity to work at with a critical mission of developing food resources for an ever growing population,” Kerckhoff said. “Without such technology, we’d be a hungry planet.”