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Immigration :Cancellation Of Removal – Eligibility – Criminal Conviction

Where a married couple, who were non-permanent residents of the country, challenged the denial of their applications for cancellation of removal, in this case the municipal violations were comparable to criminal convictions, and the judgments against the petitioners were crimes involving moral turpitude, and they were convicted of offenses punishable by a year or more in prison, so the petition is denied.

Petition denied.

Dominguez-Herrera v. Sessions (MLW No. 70271/Case No. 15-3457 – 12 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Kelly, J.) Petition for review of an order of the Board of Immigration Appeals (Matthew Lorn Hoppock, Overland Park, Kansas, for petitioner) (Sabatino F. Leo, Washington, D.C., for respondent).

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