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John McLeod, 35

Principal, Brown & James, St. Louis

john-mcleodPractice areas: Civil litigation – transportation, product liability, premises liability

Law school: Saint Louis University

John McLeod believes in enjoying his work. “Forty years is a long time to be doing something you don’t love,” he says.

Clients and colleagues have certainly learned to love what McLeod does. Coming to work at Brown & James in 2008, he was nominated to be a partner at just 33. A regular presenter on legal issues for the insurance, risk management and transportation industries, this former editor of his university’s law journal has also helped to launch a webinar series at his firm and is chair of its Associate Training Committee.

“He possesses the qualities of a gifted litigator and client advisor,” writes his nominator. “His contributions are imperative to the success of our practice and our clients.”

McLeod is also active in the community. He and his wife foster puppies for the organization Stray Rescue, taking care of them until they can be adopted.

What has been your favorite moment as an attorney?

My favorite moment as an attorney is not a specific moment but is the time after you find out the jury has reached a verdict and just before the verdict is read. Regardless if the verdict is good or bad, the anticipation, nervousness and excitement in that moment is one of my favorites as an attorney.

What inspired you to get involved in the legal profession?

My father was an attorney, and he was the main inspiration for following suit.

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