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Kyle Harmon, 33

Associate attorney, Lowther Johnson, Springfield

kyle-harmonPractice areas: Real estate, banking, bankruptcy, commercial law, landlord-tenant law, general litigation

Law school: University of Illinois

It’s been a few years since Kyle Harmon got his economics degree from Missouri State University but he still has a connection to the campus thanks to the “Bearisters” Program in which he provided free confidential consultations to students facing legal issues.

He has previously also volunteered as a victim advocate answering hotline calls to help those harmed by violence to obtain ex parte orders of protection.

Today, Harmon, who graduated in the top 10 in his University of Illinois class, is turning heads at Lowther Johnson, the firm he started at as a runner years ago.

“In his current role as senior associate, he takes time to mentor junior associates as they make the difficult transition into practice, contributing to their success and the success of the firm,” writes his nominator.

What is your biggest accomplishment this year?

This year, I have to say my biggest accomplishment is non-professional – my wife and I just had our first baby. We are finding parenting is a challenge unlike any other we have faced in our careers. So, when I reflect at the end of each day, I typically feel like my biggest, and most rewarding, accomplishment has been getting my daughter to fall asleep peacefully.

If you hadn’t become a lawyer, what profession would you have chosen?

If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I would have liked to become a college professor. I imagine it involves a lot of the same things I like about being a lawyer – learning, researching and writing.


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