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Megan McCurdy, 39

Partner, Stinson Leonard Street, Kansas City

megan-mccurdyPractice areas: Business litigation

Law school: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Megan McCurdy’s favorite moment as an attorney came from one of her first appearances before a judge when she sat alone facing three seasoned lawyers at the other table.

“I took a look at my prepared notes, took a deep breath, and began my argument,” she recalled, remembering how carefully she’d studied the issue at hand and how extensively she’d sourced her work. “The day taught me a lot about my confidence and preparation, as the court ruled in my favor on all points.”

Today, as co-chair of her firm’s business litigation practice division she focuses on representing banks and financial institutions. She also counsels about 50 other attorneys and paralegals on their marketing and business development efforts.

McCurdy’s mentoring efforts are extensive whether as part of the firm’s recruiting committee or through her work at the Mid America Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

What inspired you to get involved in the legal profession?

When I was 17 years old, I went to Dawson County District Court in Lexington, Nebraska to job shadow Rebecca Harling, the assistant county attorney. That day, I watched my mom, a social worker, testify in favor of terminating parental rights. As I watched so many lives transformed in that courtroom, for both good and bad, I realized the power of the rule of law. In that moment, I realized that my ultimate life’s work would be in service to and within that system.

Anything else you want people to know about you?

Despite the increasing politicization of the legal and judicial professions, I am very proud to be a practicing attorney. We should take every opportunity to remind people that at its core, our profession is noble and calls us to the highest ideals. I work towards that high calling every day.

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