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Alan T. Simpson, 30

Associate attorney, Graves Garrett, Kansas City

Practice areas: Election law and governmental regulations, constitutional litigation, commercial litigation, white collar criminal defense

Law school: Washington University

When it comes to the First Amendment and the complex world of political speech, clients have come to count on the expertise of Alan Simpson.

In fact, this graduate of the Ross T. Roberts Trial Academy has even provided counsel to a political committee supporting a U.S. presidential candidate. He was also instrumental in successfully challenging restrictions in Amendment 2, a state campaign finance measure passed last year.

“Alan has already landed many notable achievements in his career, and shows promising signs of becoming a renowned litigator and election lawyer,” reads one letter of recommendation, “as well as a strong leader within Graves Garrett and the community at large.”

Simpson serves as secretary for the Young Lawyers Section of the Lawyers Association of Kansas City.

What inspired you to get involved in the legal profession?

I doubt that many people who knew me at an early age would be surprised that I chose law. Becoming an attorney was a natural fit; I love to learn about new, complex subjects, and I am intensely competitive. I also have a penchant for debate. I wanted a career where I could utilize these strengths.

What advice do you have for young lawyers?

Find a career “fit” and then do everything in your power to capitalize on that opportunity. There are a ton of great attorney roles out there, but not all roles work for all people. Most young lawyers (my former self included) are primarily concerned with compensation or prestige, rather than whether their skills, interests, and work-life balance desires truly fit the role they are seeking.