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Bankruptcy : Student Loan Discharge –  Undue Hardship

Where a debtor seeking discharge for her student loans argued that the bankruptcy court speculated regarding her employment history, search and future, evidence of the debtor’s age, health and skills supported the finding that she failed to meet her burden to show that future employment opportunities would not result in higher wages or full-time employment, and a finding that she has sufficient income in excess of expenses to make modest payments was also supported by the evidence, so the court did not err in finding that the debtor failed to meet her burden of proof to establish an undue hardship for the discharge of the loans.

Judgment is affirmed.

Piccinino v. U.S. Department of Education (MLW No. 71242/Case No. 17-6022 – 9 pages) (U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, 8th Circuit, Shodeen, J.) Appealed from U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Missouri, J.

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