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Corporate: Lynette McCloud

Edward Jones

Lynette McCloud remembers the time she told her teenage daughter how lucky she felt to have had such great mentors and sponsors who helped mold her professional path.

Her daughter, Claire, responded with a question: What are you doing for the next generation of female lawyers?

Lynette McCloud

Lynette McCloud

“She put front-and-center the obligation I owe to those around me,” said McCloud, deputy general counsel for Edward Jones in St. Louis. “I thought, ‘She’s right.’”

A year and a half ago, McCloud and three other women in the company’s legal division formed a group called Team Red. They all wore red to a meeting as a show of solidarity, and from there they began thinking about opportunities for connecting and promoting one another professionally. The group has expanded since then to include female leaders across the organization, working together to engage in activities that drive professional development.

“It’s definitely something I’m passionate about,” McCloud said of her efforts to empower fellow women. “I’ve spent a lot of time mentoring female leaders and lawyers within the organization as well as future leaders and lawyers.”

McCloud is a University of Missouri School of Law graduate and has worked for Edward Jones for the past 15 years, beginning as a junior compliance counsel and rising steadily to positions of greater responsibility. In her current role, she leads the enterprise-solutions area, which delivers legal expertise in the development and implementation of business solutions that support firm growth. Enterprise-solutions partners with leaders and associates across the firm regarding employment, firm priorities, client solutions, advisory and mutual funds, retirement, tax and contracts. She also oversees legal operations, which manages the business aspects of the division.

“I have served both in a compliance function, and I was responsible for the litigation group for a period of years before taking on enterprise solutions,” McCloud said. “I’ve really seen both the external environment, being the litigation work, and the internal, supporting the firm. I’ve stood on both sides of the aisle.”

The accomplishment of which McCloud said she is most proud — personally and on behalf of the company as a whole — is the work done through the past several years to navigate what she calls the “most significant change the industry has ever seen:” implementation of the Department of Labor fiduciary rule.

McCloud led the group responsible for implementing changes affecting every aspect of the business in an “extremely abbreviated period of time.”

“We say we did seven years of work in two,” McCloud said. “At the end of the day, we were the A-plus student in the room.”