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Domestic Relations : Visitation – Modification

Where a mother challenged a modification of child-visitation provisions that she had asked the court to approve and that gave the children the discretion to decide and coordinate visitation, the mother invited any error that she claimed after judgment, so the judgment is affirmed.

Child’s discretion

Dissenting opinion by Rahmeyer, J.: “I would hold that at no time should a twelve-year-old child be in a position of dictating to a parent when visitation will occur. Adults are in charge of children. The adults in this case failed in their responsibility. And, by this decision, the trial court has allowed the adults to abandon their responsibility of determining what is in the best interests of children. I cannot concur with that result.”

Judgment is affirmed.

Ross v. Ross (MLW No. 71719/Case No. SD34997 – 11 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, Scott, J.) Appealed from circuit court, Newton County, Munton, Sp. J. (William J. Fleischaker, Joplin, for appellant) (Tina Maree Longnecker, Joplin, for respondent) (Danielle Elizabeth Garrity, Joplin, for minor).

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