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Letter from the Publisher

Inspired by Captain Kirk, Marty Cooper invented the mobile phone. Did you know that?

Marty has been recognized on some lists as one of the most unsung of unsung heroes since such lists have been kept, I suppose. I’m not sure he belongs there, but it makes my point. Which is this: Sometimes, the person who does the heavy lifting gets lost in the excitement of the invention. And sometimes, the person who has provid­ed rock-solid support to help others shine gets left in the shadows. Even when the well-meaning successful try to include them.

So, Missouri Lawyers Media for the third year in a row is honored and absolutely delighted to facilitate a pub­lic recognition that moves a whole bunch of unsung heroes into the sung category.

At MLM, we think we do a terrific job at consistently recognizing top attorneys across this state. We do that every year through our Women’s Justice Awards, Missouri Lawyers Awards, In-House Counsel Awards, ICON Awards and our Up & Coming pro­gram. And while most of those folks don’t seek the spotlight either, having been nominated by others, they often are a leading force in their firms and businesses. Not all, certainly, but most of those well-deserving honors go to recognized faces within their organiza­tions and the legal community.

This recognition program, as it was intended at its introduction three years ago, recognizes those employees on whom attorneys rely day in and day out to consistently support their efforts. The ones who rise to the occasion repeated­ly despite a level of anonymity.

You will find their stories on these pages. They are a testament to the Unsung Heroes who work for the cause, not the recognition. They are in many law firms and legal organizations, behind every outstanding attorney with support and focus. And they were nom­inated by their peers and cohorts.

There are 25 exceptional people recognized today through these pages.

Please join me in converting each from unsung status to regular hero.

They are now, officially and forever, sung.


Liz Irwin,