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Pro Bono: Christina M. Pyle, 32 & Michael T. Raupp, 33

Attorneys, Husch Blackwell, Kansas City

michael-t-rauppChristina M. Pyle, 32

Practice Area: Commercial litigation

Law School: University of Notre Dame

Michael T. Raupp, 33

Pratice Areas: Appellate, education litigation, commercial litigation

Law School: University of Texas

C. William Draughon of the U.S. Marine Corps took his own life in 2010 after struggling with severe PTSD in the years following his honorable discharge from the military.

His family members filed a pro se complaint in Kansas against the federal government, alleging that the Veterans Health Administration had been negligent in treating Draughon. In 2015, a federal judge appointed Husch Blackwell to take his case, and young attorneys Christina Pyle and Michael Raupp threw their energy into it.

On the heels of an eight-day trial in January 2018, in which Pyle handled the opening arguments and Raupp the closing arguments, the court found for the family and awarded them $480,000. Pyle and Raupp both consider that outcome to be their biggest accomplishment in 2018.

What has been your favorite moment as an attorney?

Pyle: Seeing my clients experience the satisfaction of a favorable outcome. I love it when people realize that our justice system can work.

Raupp: Arguing and attending oral arguments in appellate proceedings

What is something that would surprise people about you?

Pyle: I love board games.

Raupp: In high school, I was a drum major in the marching band.

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