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Private company with annual revenue over $500 Million: Jeannie M. Aumiller

jeannie-aumillerGeneral Counsel and Senior Vice President of Real Estate

McBride Homes

If you’ve moved into a new subdivision in the St. Louis area within the past decade, there’s a good chance that Jeannie M. Aumiller had something to do with it.

When McBride Homes wants to build a new development, Aumiller often is the one who makes its presentation to city councils, municipal planning boards and the like. McBride is the St. Louis area’s largest homebuilder, with 40 communities stretching from St. Charles to southwestern Illinois. Price points for its homes range from the $100,000s to the seven figures.

“What’s so great and so exciting about the McBride experience is that we start getting a piece of ground under contract three or four years before a homeowner is in their home, and it’s such a team effort,” Aumiller said. “Every one of us has a hand in getting a homeowner in that McBride home.”

Aumiller’s roots in the St. Louis area run deep. She grew up in south St. Louis and West County before earning a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Law school seemed like a natural progression for the political science major, and she stayed local for that as well, attending Saint Louis University.

At SLU, Aumiller became interested in real estate law. She clerked at the Clayton real estate law firm of Ziercher & Hocker, and she worked on housing law in SLU’s civil law clinics directed by Professor John Amman.

The field attracted her for its ability to create something permanent.

“You spend hours, in litigation, researching something and you may win a case,” Aumiller said. “But in real estate, you look at a piece of land, and four years later you see a house or a building go up, and 10 years later, you can take your kids and show them . . . There’s something enduring, which I love.”

When she graduated in 2000, Aumiller went to work at the law firm Husch & Eppenberger, which had merged with Ziercher & Hocker, and now is called Husch Blackwell. At Husch, she gained significant experience in zoning and real estate law before moving to McBride in 2006.

In addition to handling zoning and land contract matters, Aumiller holds community meetings to get input on potential developments, and she works in recruitment and human resources for the company.

Before making the leap, Aumiller had worked closely with McBride for years. The relationship put her at an advantage before making the switch, but she has become even more well-versed in the company’s inner workings. Representing one client also puts her in a better position to advocate when she gets questions from zoning boards or city councils than when she was an attorney at a law firm with dozens of clients.

“You can’t know 50 different clients well enough to adequately answer those questions,” Aumiller said. “I can do that. My CEO is an open book. I know the business and financial and risk-management positions all behind the scenes. I get to know the business from top to bottom.”

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