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Negligence: Personal Injury-Jurisdiction

Staff Report//July 22, 2019

Negligence: Personal Injury-Jurisdiction

Staff Report//July 22, 2019

Where Kansas businesses, which were sued in Missouri by a man who was injured when he was electrocuted while working at an apartment complex in Kansas, sought a permanent writ of prohibition to prevent the trial court from exercising jurisdiction over them, the defendants were not subject to personal jurisdiction in Missouri, and their limited contacts with Missouri were insufficient to support general jurisdiction.

Piercing the veil

Concurring opinion by Draper III, J.; “While the principal opinion views Martinez’s argument as imputing agency, I view it as a request to pierce the corporate veil. Ultimately, Martinez is not entitled to relief under either theory.”

Preliminary writ made permanent.

State ex rel. Cedar Crest Apartments LLC v. Grate (MLW No.73587/Case No. SC96977 – 14 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Wilson, J.; Russell, Powell, Breckenridge and Fischer, JJ., concur; Draper, C.J., concurs in separate opinion filed. Stith, J., concurs in opinion of Draper, C.J.) Original proceeding in prohibition (Nikki Cannezzaro, Kansas City, Missouri, for relators)(Mark E. Parrish, Erica Fumagalli, Brianne Thomas and Joshua A. Sanders, Independence, for Martinez).

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