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Tyler Jacob Scott, 34

Partner, Husch Blackwell

David Baugher//October 25, 2019

Tyler Jacob Scott, 34

Partner, Husch Blackwell

David Baugher//October 25, 2019

Tyler Jacob ScottLocation: Kansas City

Practice Area(s): Commercial litigation, insurance coverage

Law School: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Tyler Scott still recalls fondly the first time he won a motion for summary judgement.

“I’ll always remember that feeling,” he said of the judge’s dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims. “I felt like I could say, ‘That was me. I did that.’”

The truth is that Scott’s done a lot of things. From assisting clients in product liability matters and workplace safety litigation to consulting with insurers, regulators and trade groups on issues related to the nascent cannabis industry, Scott quickly has become a go-to resource for insurance clients who may be facing tens of millions of dollars in exposure in environmental cases.

Still, he finds time to be active in both the legal and the larger communities. He’s been a board member for both the Lawyers Association of Kansas City and the Young Lawyers Section — which he also served as president — and he also helps to raise scholarship funds for disadvantaged students as a board member of the Kansas City chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association.

What advice do you have for young lawyers? 

Find something that you enjoy that has nothing to do with the law, and do that thing on a regular basis. My thing was live music. Going to a concert was something I could do during the week or on the weekend that helped me escape from the world of law. The law is a stressful and demanding profession, and you need an escape every once in a while.

What inspired you to get involved in the legal profession?

A friend of the family was a litigator. I job-shadowed him when I was younger, and after that experience, I was sold. I thought the legal system and advocacy [were] enthralling.

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