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International labor and employment firm Littler is no stranger to innovation.

Kimberly A. Yates


In May, the law firm, which is based in San Francisco but has attorneys in Missouri, launched its latest technology solution aimed at providing better service to clients: the Littler onDemand platform. The platform provides clients with on-demand access to data, analytics and legal advice.

St. Louis attorney Kimberly A. Yates, who oversees the platform as program director, said in an interview earlier this year that Littler onDemand is a web-based application that clients can download and use. Clients also have access to a mobile application.

Yates said the platform was developed by Littler shareholder Scott A. Forman, who also created the firm’s Littler CaseSmart platform.

Through Littler onDemand, clients can submit labor and employment questions to firm attorneys. A user submitting a question can see prior queries immediately, and whether or not the question already has been answered by a Littler attorney.

“That may be the end of that inquiry,” Yates said.

In addition to advice, Yates said, the platform provides companies with other key information, including data that allows companies to see what’s happening in their organizations.

Scott A. Forman


Yates said Littler onDemand also helps in-house legal counsel who work with the firm to obtain a more expansive view of the needs of their organizations.

For companies with in-house counsel located in multiple offices across the United States, for example, the product offers more visibility of the types of advice given to different attorneys within an organization, Yates said.

“It’s not feasible for an in-house employment lawyer to necessarily know the advice that was given to a division on the East Coast or West Coast,” she said. “This is a way for us to ensure that the advice the organization receives is consistent.”

Yates said the technology enables companies to cut down on redundancy, especially in terms of asking the same legal questions over and over.

The technology quickly gained the attention of global companies such as ADP, which announced in October that it had integrated the Littler product into its own ADP Compliance on Demand product.

According to ADP, its product enables its clients to stay up to date on wage-and-hour compliance issues and access a compliance help desk, which is staffed by Littler compliance experts.

“The strategic nature of our collaboration offers an incredibly valuable service from two industry leaders,” Forman said in a statement.

“As the world’s largest employment and labor law firm, we are thrilled to partner with ADP, one of the leading workforce-management providers,” he said. “Our combined services will expedite access to compliance information and allow clients to proactively collaborate with their legal and HR teams to create a culture of compliance that will not only lead to business growth, but to employee satisfaction and well-being.”

Beyond what the application has offered to clients, it also has brought about change within Littler as the firm has added a new classification of attorneys: shift attorneys.

Yates said the firm assigns set shifts to its team of Littler onDemand attorneys, who also work from home.

“It’s very different from a traditional law firm in that traditional law firms typically have all kinds of hours and targets,” she said. “The primary target of these attorneys is to be available for their shift.”

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