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Contracts: Internet Domain Name-Conversion Action

Defendant appealed from the judgment entered against them in plaintiffs’ conversion action, which concerned the internet domain name of a radio station owned by plaintiffs. Following the unauthorized sale of the domain name, plaintiff Missouri Ozarks Radio Network filed suit against defendants. Before judgment was entered, MORN successfully moved to add Central Ozarks Radio Network as a plaintiff; in entering judgment against defendants, the trial court pierced the corporate veil of the defendant LLC.

Where a domain name was a type of property that could be subject to a conversion claim and where the parties’ contract did not govern defendants’ action of transferring the domain to an unauthorized third party, the trial court properly granted judgment to plaintiffs.

Judgment is affirmed.

Missouri Ozarks Radio Network Inc. v. Baugh (MLW No. 74449/Case No. SD35569 – 25 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, Bates, J.) Appealed from circuit court, Howell County, Allen, J.(Jacob Yadon Garrett, West Plains, for appellant)