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Ann Vatterott Bruntrager, 37

Ann Vatterott BruntragerAssociate, Bardol Law Firm

Location: St. Louis

Practice Areas: Family law

Law School: Saint Louis University

In her career transition from marketing to law, Ann Bruntrager followed her desire to help people in a larger, more impactful way.

One of her greatest professional rewards is seeing relief on the faces of her clients and knowing they are able to go on with their lives.

“I remember one client who had a very frustrating and lengthy case with lots of continuances and hiccups,” Bruntrager said. “After numerous fruitless trips to court, we finally wrapped up the trial and got a resolution for his case. He never once complained along the way. Now, I get to see him moving forward and enjoying time with his grandchild.”

Bruntrager also has a long history of using her legal skills to help the community. She has held positions with Legal Advocates for Abused Women and the Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry, as well as handling guardian ad litem cases pro bono.

What is your favorite thing to do away from work?

Spending time with my family. Anytime we can get outside together and hike, run or walk in the sunshine is my favorite. I need sunshine to reboot. I live in basically a zoo. I have a husband, a wild 10-month-old, two cats and two dogs.

What is your biggest accomplishment this year?

Trying multiple cases via Zoom and ending up with happy clients — what a huge adjustment! I always work to make my clients feel comfortable and supported when they have to go to court because it is a scary experience for them. I learned some ways to help them feel secure and well-represented over Zoom.