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Crissy Del Percio, 35

Crissy Del PercioStaff Attorney and Pro Se Supervisor, Legal Aid of Western Missouri

Location: Kansas City

Practice Areas: Domestic (family law for survivors of domestic violence)

Law School: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Crissy Del Percio’s work with Legal Aid of Western Missouri can range from the heartbreaking to the hilarious. Once, when helping a family with an adoption, one of the Spanish-speaking girls asked her to draw her a payosa (clown). Del Percio thought she meant pelota (ball).

“So I just kept drawing her circles, which she would just keep pushing back at me, laughing,” Del Percio said. Finally her older sister told me, ‘It’s clown. You know that word.’ The 8-year-old really put me in my place because I DID know that word.”

A journalism school graduate “with aspirations of being the next Katie Couric,” Del Percio was drawn to the law after watching people in her own life struggle to find low-cost or free legal representation. She also is active with the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, the Association for Women Lawyers and the Rose Brooks Center Legal Clinic.

What is the best career advice you have received?

“Do work that brings you satisfaction.” No one really explained to me in law school that being a lawyer never stops. The best thing anyone ever told me: Do whatever makes you happy because this job becomes a part of you. A close second is, “Never let anyone see that you’re nervous.”

Anything else you want people to know about you?

My sister passed away in June, very unexpectedly. The thing I’m doing to honor her is simply small, anonymous acts of kindness (donating to teachers’ wish lists, volunteering time, etc.). This has really made this tough time easier for me, and I think it’s something that might make everyone feel a little better in this crazy, busy time.