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Luke Meriwether, 39

Luke MeriwetherPartner, Lathrop GPM

Location: Kansas City

Practice Areas: Intellectual property litigation

Law School: University of Tulsa

Like many attorneys who are also parents of young children, Luke Meriwether has found 2020 to be a challenging year but also a rewarding one.

His biggest accomplishment of the year “is navigating quarantine with my wife and I both working full-time and trying to ‘teach’ our two small children at home,” he said.

He’s also managed a win in his IP litigation practice.

“From a work standpoint, earlier this year my team and I were able to obtain a very favorable outcome on behalf of a client in a multiyear dispute that started as a trademark and trade-secret case involving a former business partner (which concluded in 2017) and then turned into a lengthy dispute with the client’s insurance carrier over its defense and indemnity obligations,” he said.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Start viewing yourself less as a lawyer hired to complete a task or project, and more as an employee or in-house legal counsel hired by that company.

What has been your favorite moment as an attorney?

Any “win” for a client will always be memorable to me, but some of my favorite moments were during my two years as a law clerk to the late, great [U.S. District] Judge Scott O. Wright [of the Western District of Missouri].  I learned so much, and it was never boring, to say the least!

What advice do you have for young lawyers?

These all sound cliché, but I’ve found them to be true: You do not stop learning when you leave law school. Be humble and open to constructive criticism. Find a mentor(s) and ask thoughtful questions. Your reputation is EVERYTHING, both inside your firm and within the legal community.