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WJA 2021: Brandy K. Simpson

Brandy Simpson is proud of making it. After her father passed away in March 2020. After her children’s school shut down that same month. After she and her husband had to work from home. She is proud that she made it and is still pursuing the career she loves.

Anna Dougherty PhotographyIn 2021, she made partner in her firm.

Simpson’s civil litigation practice at Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice includes medical malpractice defense. She has extensive experience representing physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and insurance companies. She has also defended premises liability, personal injury and products liability matters.

“I’m passionate about helping medical providers because they do great work and provide a great service,” she says. “We’re all human. I advocate for them and represent them to the best of my ability. I want to make sure that they are heard and that we are protecting their interests as well.”

Simpson enjoys handling complex legal matters and meeting with individuals involved at all levels. Putting all the pieces together and getting everyone on the same page about what actually happened is rewarding for her.

In a recent case, she talked by phone with a former resident physician who had been at one of her client hospitals.

“He was so nervous,” she recalls. “Later, he called me back and thanked me for talking him through the process so well. I appreciate when people are appreciative of the work we do on their behalf.”

Even when it’s uncomfortable, Simpson uses her voice to advocate for others or for positions she feels strongly about.

“I want to let people know they are supported,” she says. “In my practice and in my life, I do my best to be a good listener and hear different perspectives and grievances.”

As a leader, Simpson is the Women’s Affinity Group Liaison to the firm’s Diversity Committee in its St. Louis and Belleville offices. She organized the firm’s first Women in the Law CLE in 2019 and the first Women’s History Month “Women You Should Know” webinar program series in 2021. She is a frequent author and speaker on women’s issues.

“I make sure younger attorneys and younger women know that each of us has a different path to success,” she says. “I want to make sure they feel heard and know that it’s okay to ask for what they want or need. Compensation, time off, accommodations, whatever they need to practice law and to do what they want to do outside of our profession.”

Once a soccer player, Simpson is now a volunteer coach for the YWCA’s Kindergarten soccer program. She also serves as a YWCA Young Ambassador. She says women shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves for their career.

“I’ve participated in a lot of trials where we’ve had successful results,” she says. “Where I am now in my career, I get to do the kind of work I like to do. And I didn’t have to sacrifice my family, or my desire to advocate for women and to help younger attorneys. I call myself successful.”

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