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The POWER List: Susan E. Block

Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, St. Louis

Susan Block blends the knowledge gained from a long career on the bench with the hard-won wisdom that comes from earning her law degree at a time when women were rare in the profession.

Susan E. BlockShe joined Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal immediately upon her retirement, where she continues helping children and families to this day.

Block began her legal education at George Washington University before pausing to raise her family. She ultimately earned her law degree from Saint Louis University in 1975.

Among other things, she was a founding member of the Washington University Project for Children and Youth and a member of the first board of directors for the National Truancy Prevention Association. She also serves on the juvenile law sub-committee of the Missouri Supreme Court’s Committee on Racial and Ethnic Fairness.

Block is a 2018 recipient of Missouri Lawyers Media’s ICON Award, and this year she was named the Woman of the Year as part of the organization’s Women’s Justice Awards.

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