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Bankruptcy Law 2021

“I declare BANKRUPTCY!” 

So yells Michael Scott in a classic episode of “The Office.” When informed that just saying the word “bankruptcy” won’t help him with his money problems, he replies: “I didn’t say it, I declared it.” 

The 30 attorneys featured in this latest edition of Missouri Lawyers Media’s POWER List know all too well that those going through bankruptcy need assistance. Whether it’s an individual filing for Chapter 7 or 13 or a business reorganizing under Chapter 11, debtors need lawyers to prepare them for the process, protect their assets and minimize the downsides of shedding their debts. 

Authorized by U.S. Constitution and spelled out in federal law, bankruptcy gives debtors a financial fresh start. As the U.S. Supreme Court out it in a 1934 decision, it provides “a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort, unhampered by the pressure and discouragement of preexisting debt.” 

It also is a practice unlike any other area of the law. Lawyers practice in specialized federal bankruptcy courts, often focusing their representation on debtors or creditors, individuals or businesses. Some also serve as trustees, appointed by the court to oversee cases. 

Our editorial team interviewed attorneys around the state, reviewed published court cases and consulted Missouri Lawyers Weekly’s archives to arrive at a list of what we believe are the 30 most powerful bankruptcy lawyers in Missouri. 

This is a subjective enterprise, and we welcome feedback from our readers regarding lawyers who should have been included or perhaps shouldn’t have made the list. Let us know if you think we got it right, tell us what we might have missed and stay tuned for new versions of THE POWER LIST. 

The POWER LIST was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock. Reach Scott at [email protected] or Chloe at [email protected]. 

The POWER List for Bankruptcy Law 2021

Seth A. Albin 

Brett Anders 

James Bird 

Kimber Baro

Mark Bossi  

E. Rebecca Case 

J. Kevin Checkett 

John J. Cruciani

Fredrich J. Cruse  

A. Thomas DeWoskin

Daniel D. Doyle  

Robert E. Eggmann 

Richard W. Engel Jr.

David Ferguson 

Rachel Foley

  Laurence Frazen 

John Hall

Paul M. Hoffmann  

Eric Johnson 

Dan R. Nelson 

John Reed 

Thomas H. Riske 

Norman Rouse

Wendell Sherk

David A. Sosne   

Sharon Stolte 

Joseph J. Trad 

Lee J. Viorel III 

Brian Walsh 

David Warfield 

The POWER List: Bankruptcy Law 2021