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Missouri Lawyers Awards 2022: Rob Huq

City of St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office

On top of collecting major court wins, 2022 Influential Lawyer Award winner Rob Huq splits his time managing the St. Louis city circuit attorney office (CAO) and the Washington University Law Prosecution Clinic.

Huq manages both groups while carrying a special caseload of high-profile cases, including those where police officers are charged with crimes, at the CAO.

Huq has worked with criminal justice stakeholders to gain appellate guidance for Missouri v. Andrews Jr., in which the state and the public defender’s office have argued over due process on cases involving both possession of a firearm and the lesser offense of possession of a controlled substance. The case has solidified precedent that the two offenses together equate to double jeopardy.

The Court of Appeals’ ruling last year has impacted multiple open cases while Andrews awaits judgment from the Missouri Supreme Court.

But Huq said that his most headline-grabbing case last year was when he presented to a grand jury the argument against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a Missouri couple who, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun, confronted a group of protestors passing their home on a privately maintained street.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we charged them correctly, and that they were correctly indicted,” Huq said.

The CAO pursued initial charges of unlawful use of weapons and tampering with physical evidence in a felony prosecution. The couple, who also runs a personal injury law firm, pled guilty to lesser charges and was later pardoned by Gov. Michael Parson — though the proposed suspension of their law licenses is pending before the Missouri Supreme Court.

Huq was promoted to the position of chief misdemeanor officer at the CAO just last year. As part of that role, he directly trains and manages new attorneys in the office as well as supervises general felonies attorneys, interns and clinic students. As an adjunct professor at Washington University School of Law, he co-directs its prosecution clinic for Rule 13 certified student attorneys.

In both roles, he encourages interns and clinic students to start thinking of themselves as attorneys now when they have two or less semesters to go before they graduate law school.

He also reminds them that they are just a few years away from where he is in his career. Huq graduated in 2018 from the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law — the same law school where he now teaches.

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