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The POWER List: Appellate Law 2022

Staff Report//February 28, 2022//

The POWER List: Appellate Law 2022

Staff Report//February 28, 2022//

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Appellate Law 2022

For many cases, the real battle begins after the judge or jury renders a verdict. 

Winning a case on appeal means hour upon hour of research waiting to be instantly and confidently recalled during a few short minutes of oral arguments. It means poring over stacks of precedents, some decades or centuries old, some that haven’t even been published officially. It means finding just the right case to support your position — and explaining why the case that undermines your argument doesn’t apply. And sometimes it means persuading a court that the law must be changed. 

In this latest edition of THE POWER LIST, a regular feature from Missouri Lawyers Media, we examine the most powerful attorneys in appellate law. These are practitioners who have defended or opposed notable jury verdicts and helped to set important precedents that shape the law. 

Our editorial team reviewed published appellate opinions, interviewed attorneys and other leaders around the state and examined the archives of Missouri Lawyers Weekly to compose a list of what we believe are the 30 most powerful appellate attorneys in Missouri. 

Readers, of course, may well disagree with our list. Are there attorneys who should have been included? Are there some you think shouldn’t have? Let us know what we got right and wrong, or who we might have missed. And watch for further additions to THE POWER LIST later this year. 

The POWER LIST was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock. Reach Scott at [email protected] or Chloe at [email protected]. 

The POWER List for Appellate Law 2022

Timothy Belz

J. Zachary Bickel

Elizabeth C. Carver

Michael Downey

Clayton E. Gillette

Edward Greim

Michael A. Gross

Robert T. Haar

Charles W. Hatfield

Lisa Larkin

James R. Layton

Michael Manners

Jeffery T. McPherson

Jeremiah W. “Jay” Nixon 

William Ray Price Jr.

  Edward D. “Chip” Robertson Jr.

Susan Ford Robertson

JoAnn T. Sandifer

Timothy Sansone

Richard Schnake

R. Kent Sellers

Booker Shaw

Jonathan Sternberg

Paul N. Venker

Erich Vieth

T. Michael Ward

Thomas B. Weaver

Michael K. Whitehead

Teresa M. Young

The POWER List: Appellate Law 2022

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