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The POWER List: Edward Greim

Graves Garrett, Kansas City 

Edward GreimIt’s too soon to say what legal challenges will arise as Missouri goes through redistricting, but it’s a good bet that Eddie Greim will be involved in it.  

Greim played a key role in the fights that occurred during the last round of congressional redistricting in 2012, prompting Missouri Lawyers Media to recognize him as an Influential Lawyer at the 2013 Missouri Lawyers Awards. 

It’s one of many election and campaign finance law cases where Greim has worked on behalf of Republican causes. He led a pre-election legal challenge to the 2018 Clean Missouri amendment, which among other instituted a new method for drawing state legislative districts. While that suit wasn’t successful, voters later approved a constitutional amendment that undid many of the Clean Missouri changes before the went into effect. 

He also led litigation against the Internal Revenue Service for targeting groups based on their political viewpoints, and he authored an amicus brief for the National Republican Redistricting Trust in a 2019 U.S. Supreme Court that established that partisan gerrymandering isn’t subject to oversight by federal courts.  

Greim earned his law degree in 2002 from Harvard Law School.  

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