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The POWER List: Michael A. Gross

Michael Gross Law Office, St. Louis

Michael A. GrossIn his nearly fifty years of experience, Michael Gross has counseled on more than 250 appeals. 

He argues on behalf of parties who already have gone to trial and consults with attorneys throughout the litigation process. Trial lawyers consult with him on briefs for motions in federal and state courts, mediation and building arguments against opposing counsel. 

Gross has argued and filed briefs on a range of issues in six of the 12 appellate circuits around the country. In 2020, he defended a $1.9 million verdict before the Supreme Court against the St. Louis Metro system and won a new trial for a man convicted of fatally shooting a man who had threatened his companions.  

Recent cases include arguments on if a motorcycle insurance policy covered a fatal accident with an uninsured driver, whether or not a vacation resort company’s timeshare contracts were fraudulent under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, and if an attorney’s lien could be enforced even though their law firm withdrew from a case based on a conflict of interest. 

Gross earned his law degree from the University of Michigan in 1971 and clerked for Judge M.C. Matthes of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He previously served as a member of the 8th Circuit’s civil jury instructions committee. 

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