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The POWER List: Richard Schnake

Neale & Newman, Springfield 

Richard SchnakeRichard Schnake has produced a body of case law that’s more than 225 cases strong across state and federal courts. 

He’s also submitted some 300 trademark applications to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, though his cases widely range from contract law to domestic relations. 

His 2019 Missouri Supreme Court win convinced the court to drop a case. A dispute between two contractors required an appellate clarification until Schnake abandoned the point that caused the issue. As a result, the case boomeranged back to the Southern District. 

The Supreme Court of Missouri Historical Society knows Schnake as a longstanding member. In 2003, he was a finalist for an appointment to the Southern District. 

In 1982, he earned his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis before clerking for Missouri Supreme Court Judge Warren D. Welliver. He joined Springfield-based Neale & Newman in 1983 and has been a partner since 1988. 

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