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The POWER List: Health Care Law 2022

Staff Report//March 28, 2022//

The POWER List: Health Care Law 2022

Staff Report//March 28, 2022//

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Health Care Law 2022

It’s no surprise that many attorneys specialize in health care. How could they not?

Health care accounts for more than 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Entire sectors of the government are devoted to paying for and regulating the health care industry. And, right behind death and taxes, it’s inevitable that every one of us will encounter it, whether for a routine check-up, a sudden injury or a long-term care regimen at the end of our lives.

In this latest edition of THE POWER LIST, a regular feature from Missouri Lawyers Media, we examine the most powerful attorneys in health care law. These are attorneys who counsel hospitals, clinics and other health care entities on everything from regulatory compliance to real estate. It also encompasses the practitioners who defend doctors, nurses, dentists and their employers from professional malpractice accusations, whether in court or before licensing boards.

Our editorial team interviewed attorneys and other leaders around the state, reviewed records of verdicts and settlements, and consulted Missouri Lawyers Weekly’s archives to arrive at a list of what we believe are the most powerful health care attorneys in Missouri.

As always, this is a subjective list. Our readers might disagree with some who are included or excluded. We urge you to let us know what you think we got right, and where we went wrong. Tell us who else we should have considered. And keep an eye out for new versions of THE POWER LIST throughout the year.

The POWER LIST was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock. Reach Scott at [email protected] or Chloe at [email protected]. 

The POWER List for Health Care Law 2022

David R. Aplington

Jane E. Arnold

Timothy M. Aylward

Kenneth W. Bean

Brian L. Burge

James L. Burke

Kathy H. Butler

Curt J. Chase

Halle L. Dimar

Kirk H. Doan

Michelle Drake

Jane Drummond

J. Thaddeus Eckenrode

Robin Foster

Dana Frese

Evan Raskas Goldfarb

Mark H. Goran

  John D. Hammons Jr.

Kent Hyde

Jolie L. Justus

Mandy J. Kamykowski

Bruce Keplinger

Douglas P. Long

Brian D. Malkmus

Tracy Mathis

Gregory J. Minana

Patricia “Peezy” Mullins

Stacey L. Murphy

David Overby

Mariel L. Taylor

Mark Thompson

Stuart J. Vogelsmeier

Philip L. Willman

The POWER List: Health Care Law 2022

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