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WJA 2022: Amy Rebecca Johnson

Amy Rebecca JohnsonPaule, Camazine & Blumenthal

From a career as a freelance film producer to today’s busy law practice focused on family law, Amy Rebecca Johnson has worked with — and learned from — a wide variety of people. “People deserve my honesty and respect,” she says. “No matter who they are or what they’re experiencing. I’m always willing to talk with people about anything.”

When she decided to go to law school, Johnson took with her what she had learned from her work in media, marketing and communications. “I was older than most of the students,” she says. “I made a conscious choice to become an attorney. I believed it was the right career for me and that I would use all my skills to succeed.” She earned her JD from Saint Louis University School of Law.

Graduating when the U.S. was in an economic crisis, Johnson chose to open her own law office. Already an experienced freelancer, she jumped right into learning more about her chosen profession. She learned how court appearances work. She observed other attorneys in court and learned from them. To earn the respect of her colleagues, she made sure she did everything professionally and correctly. And she even worked a second job to help pay her bills.

Six year ago, Johnson joined Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C., because the firm shared her commitment to quality and hard work. In 2021, she became a shareholder. Today in her practice, she concentrates on divorce, child custody, paternity and adoption matters. She understands the difficulties her clients are experiencing and strives to put their minds at rest about their legal concerns so they can focus on their own needs and the needs of their families.

Johnson enjoys the challenge of taking unique cases and finding new ways to apply the law for her clients’ advantage. “Doing more work and more research makes me smarter,” she says. “I enjoy learning more about the nuances of the statutes and how they apply to a case. Sometimes I’ve even found a part of a statute than I’ve never encountered before or haven’t applied in a particular way before. I always want to make sure I’m doing it right for my clients.”

Adoption work is one of Johnson’s greatest joys. “My clients are usually the parents,” she says. “I get to see a happy ending. Happy people instead of upset people are walking out of the courtroom.”

One of Johnson’s most rewarding volunteer activities is serving as a St. Louis County Special Prosecutor. When an order of protection has been violated and a party has filed for indirect criminal contempt, she represents the State of Missouri in seeking to determine whether the order was violated and then seeking action by the court, if necessary.

Serving on her firm’s Well-Being Committee and chairing the Well-Being Committee for The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL) grow out of Johnson’s commitment to helping lawyers be well-rounded. A certified yoga instructor, she believes strongly that lawyers who have a supported well-being can support the well-being of their clients more fully.

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