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WJA 2022: Michelle Marvel

Michelle MarvelBartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader

“I have a passion for any case involving a minor who has been injured,” says Michelle Marvel. “I help my clients get the care and support they need going forward.”

One of her most memorable and successful cases involved a water slide accident in which a 10-year-old boy was killed. This Missouri accident resulted in five indictments and made headlines worldwide. “We were able to resolve it for the boy’s family, and safety was improved,” Marvel says. “In addition to the monetary remedy, we saw to it that the injury will never happen again. When I have the responsibility of advocating for someone on something so important, I do everything I can and make every sacrifice to do the best I can for them.”

An accomplished civil litigator in the male-dominated field of plaintiff’s civil litigation, Marvel is a partner in her firm. In their entirely civil practice, she advocates for individuals who have suffered serious injury or wrongful death. She pursues answers and accountability from companies responsible for dangerous products, dangerous property, dangerous vehicles or dangerous drivers.

At her previous firm, she defended medical malpractice, commercial and construction claims as an associate attorney.

One of Marvels nominators shares these insights about her: “Michelle has a friendly demeanor and quiet confidence. She is down to earth, kind, generous and often puts others before herself. A consummate professional with a tireless work ethic, she cares deeply about the litigants she represents, as well as about her profession and her community.”

“I recently decided that my superpower is multitasking,” she says. “With the last name of Marvel and two young sons obsessed with superheroes, I do my best to fight crime and save the world from evil.”

Marvel contributes to her local community by volunteering with Lawyers Encouraging Academic Performance (LEAP) and currently serves as its president. She is passionate about the work of Operation Breakthrough, which provides school supplies, day care, after school care and high school student services for children living in poverty.

She is the incoming president of the Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City (AWL) and also does charitable work through AWL’s Connection Program. She was a AWL mentee for five years, and then served as a mentor for five years. With the Kansas City Bar Association, she participates in the Ask A Lawyer Telethon and other fundraising events.

“Our justice system operates best when all parties are represented by strong and capable attorneys,” Marvel says. “I enjoy mentoring and training newer lawyers. It’s important to make sure they get the right skills early on in their career.”

One of Marvel’s favorite moments as an attorney is hearing from a client she has represented. “When I first meet my clients, I’m trying to help them become whole again after a horribly difficult time in their lives,” she says. “When I hear from them after their case is resolved, I get to see the difference my work made in their lives. That is satisfying for me. I’m privileged to do what I get to do.”

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