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WJA 2022: Sara Hubaishi

Chloe Murdock//May 9, 2022

WJA 2022: Sara Hubaishi

Chloe Murdock//May 9, 2022

Sara HubaishiWashington University School of Law

Sara Hubaishi clocks in above-average work in data privacy and cybersecurity law and at pro bono organizations.

After COVID-19 canceled her internship with Polsinelli in summer 2020, she pivoted into two simultaneous full-time internships with a private Illinois law firm and with Harvard Law School, as a People’s Justice Fellow for its COVID-19 Rapid Response and Systems Summer Institute. Through that program, she assisted the Greater Boston Legal Services and the Community Justice Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Realizing she could do private and pro bono work in tandem was a turning point for Sara.

“I can still help people but do what’s best for me, what’s best for my future in terms of having an actual practice group that I know in and out and be part of a law firm, and do things that are a dream of mine,” Sara said.

Lately, Sara is a research assistant to the Cordell Institute, which connects human genomics experts with legal experts in privacy and health law to calibrate technological advancements with ethics. In that role, she works for Professor Neil Richards, a law professor at Washington University School of Law who co-directs the institute and is a leading expert in privacy and information law.

Sara also is a civil rights intern with the Council on American Islamic Relations in Chicago.

Sara graduates from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law on May 20. She has served as executive editor of the Washington University Law Review and as a staff editor. Sara is the inaugural chair of the newly re-formed National Muslim Law Students Association, and has been a member of the National Black Law Students Association for the last two years.

Sara would like to thank her mentors throughout her career so far, the Washington University School of Law, her parents, her fiancé Quentin and her friends for their support.

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