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WJA 2022: Sara Reid

Sara ReidBJC

After earning her undergraduate degree, Sara Reid worked a few different jobs, including one as an assistant manager at an apartment community.

“It was there that I found I really enjoyed helping to solve problems and wanted to figure out a way to do that as a career,” she said. “Ultimately, that led me to law school.”

And law school eventually led her to the field of health care law. As associate general counsel for BJC, she’s able to make a difference in the lives of people.

“When you are in-house like I am at BJC, you get to be a part of the mission of the organization,” said the 50-year-old Saint Louis University alumna. “I can see how my work impacts that mission. I feel a part of the solution.”

And, of course, it always keeps her interested.

“We are a large, complex health system and no day is ever the same,” she said. “There are always new questions to answer and new issues to sort through. It is always interesting and different. I rarely come across the same question twice.”

Reid’s nominator said her employer is lucky to have her noting that she not only started BJC’s legal intern program but has also personally mentored more than 100 students herself.

“Over her 15 years with BJC HealthCare, Sara has developed a reputation of providing actionable and practical legal advice for BJC,” they wrote. “These skills were especially valuable over the last two years in assisting BJC to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic while also handling several complex transactions. Additionally, throughout her time at BJC, Sara consistently advances the interests of women, whether that is through promoting more women in leadership or mentoring women team members.”

Reid said that her brother-in-law’s father is a judge and she likes to harken back to a piece of wisdom he once shared which has stuck with her for a quarter century. He told her that you never grow old in the law.

“The advice I was given so many years ago before I even entered law school has really proven true,” she said. “I might be aging but I feel like I’m not growing old in the law because as the law changes and with what we’re doing in health care at BJC, there is always a new challenge that we haven’t faced before. It is not routine. It is not mundane. It is always new and exciting.”

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