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2022 Unsung Legal Heroes: Connie S. Montemayor

Office Manager: Firm Administrator/Office Manager, Sader Law Firm

Connie S. Montemayor said seeing the outcome of her best work years after is the sweetest result of her job.

“The most satisfying part of my job is meeting someone in a tough situation who may think they have no way out of it and providing them options and the best route to get them back on their feet with a new idea of what the future can hold,” Montemayor said.

Montemayor first worked on the case of a young couple with a newborn with multiple medical issues they couldn’t afford. With legal help, the couple could focus on their child’s recovery rather than money.

Montemayor manages the office, accounting and billing as well as personnel expectations. As office manager, Montemayor said that new employees assume that she is going to lord their mistakes over them. But she says employees figure out that she will accommodate their personal needs.

She said her greatest accomplishment has been implementing financial, billing and accounting systems in the firm. This includes a billing procedure that is customized for the firm and its employees.

What led you to choose a career in the legal field?

My first class that exposed me to law was in the 8th grade. I learned that there was a morally good side of law and a side that was only looking to make the highest impact. My first idea of law was that it was meant to fight for the person who couldn’t fight for themselves. After seeing I could do that in the legal field in a way that aligned with my goals of helping people, I knew I would do anything I could to advocate for those who couldn’t do so themselves, and I would do it through law.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

A lot of advancement and changes have been made in the legal field since I first began, some I had a hard time agreeing with and adapting to and others were easy to understand and implement. Throughout the process, any time there was change and adapting or implementing new systems, we were bound to make mistakes. By having a mindset of fixing the mistake and moving on, I’m able to stay grounded and do what must be done even if in some cases I don’t agree with the change.

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