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2022 Unsung Legal Heroes: Rachel Renee Meyers

Office Manager: Operations Director, Hale Robinson & Robinson

Rachel Meyers handles everything from operational management to the firm’s social media and marketing to finance and human resources. A graduate of Kansas State University and a current student at the University of Alabama, Meyers likes the fact each day looks different.

“Somedays I may be increasing our Instagram and Facebook engagement, or recording and editing marketing videos for our attorneys,” she said. “Other days I’m tracking down medical records for our personal injury cases and ensuring commission and 401ks are being paid out correctly. I work closely with our clients and employees on the onboarding and offboarding processes, and most importantly, I work hard to maintain the culture of our amazing office environment!”

What led you to choose a career in the legal field?

When I was a sophomore in college, I loved watching legal TV shows. It inspired me to get summer job working as a paralegal/intern in KC. I worked at that firm for my final two summers of college, and then ultimately ended up transitioning into a finance-related field upon graduation. After a few years, I realized the legal field was calling me back home. One of the young lawyers who I had worked with when I was interning at the old office had just started her own firm around the time I was thinking about transitioning back into law. I reached out to her, we met up for lunch, and the next day I had a new job!

What is the best part of your job?

Being in such a fun and supportive office environment. We have an office dog, we love all of our employees, and our office is the coolest loft located in the River Market. The space is just special, and it makes being here every day feel special too. The absolute best part is being surrounded by people with the same values as me. When I walk into the office every morning, the first thing I see is a Black Lives Matter doormat, a Pride sticker on the door, and a diverse set of employees. Our values are not just something you read about on the company website. Our values are clearly represented the second you walk in our door day in and day out. Being a part of such a passionate and caring environment is amazing.

What is something that would surprise people about you?

I really love school! I love learning and teaching. I got my Bachelors and 2 minors at Kansas State. This December, I’ll be graduating with my Masters and 2 minors from the University of Alabama. I’ve also taken side courses from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Toronto. I truly believe knowledge is power. Once I get my Masters, I would like to teach a night class or online class at a local university or community college in my free time.

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