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2022 Unsung Legal Heroes: Roberta Rochelle Lambert

Paralegal: Paralegal, The Chapel law Group

Paralegal Roberta Lambert is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work at Tulane University in New Orleans and working as an intern for the Mayor’s Office in the Big Easy. Lambert also has studied public policy at Mizzou, business administration at Columbia College and criminal justice and sociology at Lincoln University. She previously worked as a paralegal for the Missouri Public Defender’s Office in Jefferson City and with the Missouri Department of Social Services.

Lambert’s nominator calls her “a ‘she-ro’ whose superpowers are an unmatched work ethic, exemplary problem-solving ability, and professionalism.”

Her nominator says Lambert brings her A+ game every day.

“Despite the many challenges and ‘curveballs’, Roberta maintains her sense of humor and grace,” her nominator wrote. “I am reminded of a particularly emotionally charged client intake. Roberta’s leadership skills were evident as she facilitated the meeting. She was the stable force and the voice of reason. The meeting shifted from mistrust to engaging a ‘gold standard’ client for the firm. She is greatly appreciated by clients.”

Colleagues also appreciate that Lambert has the ability to develop rapport quickly, but authentically. She responds to clients promptly and courteously.

Unsung Legal Heroes 2022