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Diversity & Inclusion 2022: Noah Garcia

Senior Corporate Counsel, Labor and Employment, Information Governance,
Kansas City Southern Railway Company

Noah GarciaNoah Garcia says that he’s most proud of his pro bono work, including some that helped develop case law in Kansas clarifying procedural service rules for those in the military.

“While I’ve always enjoyed the work I’ve done for my industry clients there is something special about helping our servicemembers in a time of need so they can worry about their task at hand when deployed,” he writes.

In fact, there is something special about Garcia’s career generally. His practice initially grew doing defense work on Federal Rail Safety Act cases throughout the American West. Later, he worked in the law department for a major transportation company in Forth Worth, Tex., before a move back to Kansas City put him in private practice again. More recently, he came to his current role at Kansas City Southern Railway.

He said that he is motivated by equal opportunity issues that allow a chance for everyone to succeed.

“I believe that talent is spread out amongst all races, genders, disabilities and all people but that opportunity is not,” Garcia writes. “I’m also optimistic in how well DEI is progressing in the legal community from how it felt 10 years ago. I am also motivated by experiences and stories shared by colleagues in how accomplishments have been belittled because of race, gender, religion or disability.  Or interactions in which someone is taken aback because of implicit or explicit bias.”

Who has most inspired you in your work for Diversity & Inclusion, and why?

I am inspired by a few people and one firm that I think is very progressive: the people are (in no particular order) Michelle Wimes, Shelley Ericsson, Don Prophete. These people have been generous with their time when I have reached out in the DEI context. The firm is Husch Blackwell, I have watched the firm promote diversity and inclusion a number of ways: by developing their attorneys, placing their junior attorneys in positions to succeed and then promoting those attorneys. The firm also has a fantastic Chief Diversity Officer and does great DEI presentations.

Complete this sentence:

I consider it a successful day when my kids have had a good day.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you:

I am the only Garcia licensed in Montana, the second to have ever been licensed in Montana.

2022 Diversity & Inclusion Awards